List the more useful commands supported by mysqladmin in mysql

List the more useful commands supported by mysqladmin in mysql

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MySQL — List the more useful commands supported by mysqladmin

Mysqladmin useful commands


  • status (Returns information on server state)
  • password ( Changes a user password )
  • shutdown ( Shuts down the MySQL server )
  • reload ( Reloads the MySQL grant tables )
  • refresh ( Resets all caches and log )
  • variables ( Returns values of all server variables )
  • version ( Returns the server version )
  • processlist ( Returns a list of all processes active on the server )
  • kill ( Kills an active server process )
  • ping ( Tests if the server is alive )

If you don’t like command-line administration, there are two graphical alternatives to the mysqladmin tool: phpMyAdmin, a browser-based interface to MySQL administration, and MySQL Administrator, a visual tool for user administration, database backup and restore, log analysis, and server fine-tuning

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